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a police investigation to determine the perpetrator

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Even if simple techniques to detect silicone were available, they might not be useful in detecting a rupture, because small amounts of silicone ordinarily bleed even from intact implants.
This article analyzes and clarifies the auditing standards that describe the auditor's responsibility for detecting and reporting illegal acts.
Screening high risk groups offers the potential for detecting cancers earlier, resulting in less extensive and less costly treatments, as well as improved survival.
Another reason to improve syndromic surveillance systems is that the systems may have public health value other than detecting bioterrorist attacks, such as tracking the course of seasonal diseases.
However, they'll probably have trouble detecting thin ash clouds and low-altitude plumes at night.
Compared with other technologies for detecting plastic explosives, "ours is a thousand times more sensitive," says Pinnaduwage.
AS&E's personnel screening system, SmartCheck(TM), is the industry's most comprehensive, non-intrusive, personnel screening system for detecting explosives, weapons, and contraband while ensuring personal privacy.
addressed the problems in detecting a bioterror attack from blood-donor screening.
For detecting agents at a distance, there are systems that include lasers that the military can aim, for example, at a cloud that's suspected of harboring dangerous chemical or biological agents.
They found that the urine-based NMP22 BladderChek Test is cost effective for screening high risk populations based on its cost and accuracy in detecting bladder cancer.
Second, in the absence of a bioterrorism-related illness since 2001, the utility of syndromic surveillance for detecting naturally occurring events is coming into greater focus, particularly for detecting the onset of anticipated seasonal upswings in infectious diseases, including West Nile virus disease, gastrointestinal illness, and influenza.
Atmospheric scientists also have reported detecting low-frequency tornado vibrations with avalanche sensors (SN: 9/21/96, p.
20/20") announced study results that show that its multi-biomarker blood test may be able to detect non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) significantly earlier and with better accuracy than CT scans, the most advanced technique in current use for detecting this disease.
The royal food taster and the proverbial canary in the coal mine: Early methods for detecting toxic substances were usually biological.