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Synonyms for detainment

the condition or fact of being made late or slow

Synonyms for detainment

a state of being confined (usually for a short time)

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Mobley's rights were trampled on every step of the process, from his abduction, to his detainment, to his disappearance.
Detectamet is now introducing their Detectable Double Detainment System brush range which uses stainless steel staples to fasten bristles into the brush head and then the adhesion is reinforced by applying a detectable and antimicrobial resin to surround and lock in the bristles.
Cancellation of termination orders of two employees and cancellation of all detainment orders issued by the CE, KGNTH Bannu and to conduct departmental inquiry against the brutal action of CE.
Perhaps that can begin to happen when they, and the whole world, see families and supporters of LGBT Olympic athletes defy the law and face detainment and expulsion by holding up rainbow flags in the spectator stands, or maybe they'll see out and ally medalists defy Olympic rules and risk losing their medals by demonstrating on the podium.
The book details the author's transformation from college dropout and drug addict to inspirational author and motivational speaker, leading him to social and environmental activism that has included unlawful detainment for protesting the Keystone XL Oil Pipeline and formation of a nonprofit organization, The Self-Reliance Institute, to provide resources and opportunities for young people to become more self-reliant.
Examples include the harassment of ethnic Poles in Belarus and the abduction, detainment and torture of American attorney Emanuel Zeltser and his assistant Vladlena Funk in 2008-2009.
BEIRUT: Activists protested in front of the judiciary in Beirut Tuesday calling for "accountability for hate crimes" following last week's raid of Ghost, a nightclub in the Beirut suburb of Dikwaneh, that resulted in the detainment and alleged harassment of a transsexual patron and several others.
Following their arrest the defendants made allegations in the media and to British consular staff that they were tortured during the process of arrest and detainment.
A group of concerned citizens made an appointment with ICE officials and brought a letter expressing their opposition to the treatment and detainment of these men to the meeting.
Margelov: Detainment of UNDOF Personnel "Outrageous Act" China Condemns Capture of UNDOF Personnel by Armed Terrorist Group EU calls for immediate release of UN detained members The Philippines Condemns Seizure of UNDOF Personnel Mar 08, 2013 CAPITALS, (SANA)_ Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Gennady Gatilov denounced the detention of United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) personnel by an armed terrorist group, describing it as a disregard for the international organization.
Explaining the circumstances that led to Mr Polonsky's detainment on Sunday, a spokesperson for the Russian businessman commented:
Details of their detainment are yet to be released.
However, details of their detainment are yet to be released.
Deputy head of the Islamic Movement, Sheikh Kamal Khatib commented that "All of these arrests will not affect our path," in response to Salah's arrest and detainment.
When, after his initial disappearance, it was finally revealed that he was in police custody, there was still no information as to the allegations against him or the estimated length of his detainment.