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Synonyms for detail

Synonyms for detail

an individually considered portion of a whole

one of the conditions or facts attending an event and having some bearing on it

a small, often specialized element of a whole

a unit of troops on special assignment


to make specific

Synonyms for detail

an isolated fact that is considered separately from the whole

a small part that can be considered separately from the whole

extended treatment of particulars

a crew of workers selected for a particular task

Related Words

assign to a specific task

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CMS/ID enables commands to view the service records of Sailors applying for jobs in their commands, rate their qualifications and provide their rankings to detailers.
Contact your command career counselor or detailer for more information.
Paul Sizemore, a Los Angeles lawyer who litigates pharmaceutical cases, said detailers may also pressure doctors not to opt out.
A qualified detailer can help ensure that current product is on the retail shelves, easily accessible and appropriately priced.
By LSCM(SW/AW) Victor Gonzalez Lead LS Detailer, Navy Personnel Command
Navy Personnel Command (NPC) has launched a new, improved JASS (Job Advertising Selection System) currently used by commands, career counselors, Sailors and detailers to make career choices.
Those in critical pay grades, undermanned ratings or holding specific Navy Enlisted Classification codes (NECs) should also contact their detailer for specific information.
Colby Donaldson, the 26-year-old Dallas auto detailer, won the immunity idol and other contests for weeks - but he wasn't the last survivor.
Dark Detailer, a proprietary Mitsubishi technology, provides enhanced contrast and dark scene detail, delivering a picture with realistic depth and clarity.
For additional information regarding the Junior and Senior Service College please contact your detailer.
Romanian detailers hired by Steel Fabricators through the Detailer Access program also contributed to the project.
Or, as auto detailer Ron Costello of Woodland Hills - owner of two dogs, a cat, two tortoises and an iguana - puts it, ``Your dog'll never do you wrong.
Those without qualifying APCs and seeking PG opportunities can contact the PG Detailer and NPS administrator Mrs.
He was formerly a car detailer living in the Oxnard area.