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Synonyms for detach

detach yourself from something


  • distance yourself from
  • disengage yourself from
  • remove yourself from
  • separate yourself from
  • liberate yourself from
  • disconnect yourself from
  • disentangle yourself from

Synonyms for detach

to separate one thing from another thing

to become or cause to become apart one from another

to remove from association with

Synonyms for detach

cause to become detached or separated

separate (a small unit) from a larger, especially for a special assignment

References in classic literature ?
I shall find the black tulip," said Cornelius to himself, whilst detaching the suckers.
Emily's fingers trembled; but she succeeded in detaching the locket from the chain.
Then follows the death of Palamedes, the plan of Zeus to relieve the Trojans by detaching Achilles from the Hellenic confederacy, and a catalogue of the Trojan allies.
She had an impatient movement of her shoulders without detaching herself from the back of the chair.
This dividing and detaching is steadily counteracted.
Karain stopped in the midst of his men and waved his hand; then, detaching himself from the splendid group, walked alone to the water's edge and waved his hand again.
One of the young men complied; and having succeeded in detaching the hounds from the place, around which, until then, they had not ceased to hover, he led them down to the margin of the thicket.
Powler,' returned the stranger, detaching himself from the table, 'that I never was so astonished in my life
Beg your pardon,' said the gentleman, detaching himself from the lady, and coming forward.