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visual impairment resulting from the retina becoming separated from the choroid in the back of the eye

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The problem is more prevalent in people who are short-sighted, have a family history of detached retina or are older than 50, or having patches of weak and thin area in retina known as lattice degeneration.
Detached retina is usually repairable if you catch it quick.
38 indicating that detached retina is electrically active and non-invasive method could assess the recovery potential of detachments before surgery.
In the case of Austin, the detached retina which caused the blindness of his right eye is a sign of Marfan syndrome.
Sanna said: "Eye examinations can pick up a range of different problems, so when Mr Kitching came to see me, I could see the detached retina quite clearly.
According to the doctors a detached retina in someone with healthy eyes is most often caused a severe blow to the head, e.
Samaras, 61, underwent surgery for a detached retina on Saturday, just three days after being sworn in at the head of a three-party coalition government formed after two inconclusive general elections.
Newly-elected prime minister Antonis Samaras had an operation to repair a detached retina while his finance minister Vassilis Rapanos had tests at a private clinic after he collapsed.
The report was critical of the treatment of another researcher, diagnosed with a detached retina in 2010, 'and is at risk of it happening again.
anchor from the ocean floor-- as if a detached retina might help one see
But he had suffered a detached retina from a previous fight and Lewis punished the eye, opening up a cut.
He said he hit his head and suffered a detached retina.
In 1992, the son of Douglas Anderson went blind in one eye because of a detached retina.
Johansson secured the last of his nine singles titles at the 2005 St Petersburg Open but he spent ten weeks off the circuit after undergoing surgery to repair a detached retina in early 2006 and, at that stage the Swede's career appeared to be nearing its conclusion.
Hua Gao, a specialist in vitreoretinal diseases and surgery at IU School of Medicine, to respond to your questions about a detached retina.