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Antonyms for detachable

designed to be unfastened or disconnected without damage


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This new limited edition Polo which effortlessly boasts of stunning features like black roof foil, detachable made-to-size window blinds and carbon fibre finish on ORVMs will further cement its place as the sporty, dynamic and a powerful hatch in the hearts of its owners.
Pharma-Comb labels include one or more detachable parts that are printed with important information and, if necessary, also allow the physician or nurse to add additional hand-written data.
This lightweight tablet features both a touchscreen and detachable POGO keyboard, giving users the fun and mobility of a tablet and the ease-of-use of a laptop.
Maybe that's just being old-fashioned, because detachable scope mounts are "in.
It added that the HP Split x2 is a two-in-one detachable PC that combines power and portability with the Microsoft Windows 8 operating system and powerful third generation Intel Core processor family.
The Satellite Click, on the other hand, offers a detachable tablet/laptop device complete with 13.
Peyton satchel with detachable strap, Danielle Nicole
However, it still requires NFA approval for possession and mounting, because it functions in the same manner as a detachable shoulder stock.
The first closure means which is oriented toward the body is attached in a detachable manner to the second closure means to form a closed hip opening, and comprises a diaper main section comprising a front area, a back area and a crotch area.
Rogers' detachable and fixed gooseneck low-bed trailers meet the needs of specialized carriers.
The company would offer a combination of non-convertible debentures as well as detachable warrants.
DETACHABLE water tank for easy filling but did not seem secure when replaced.
45 ACE The standard high-strength alloy receiver is supplied with either a 9" Picatinny rail, or with an integrated detachable 1.
The Gravity Pot comes equipped with a detachable serving base and is available with a stainless steel or glass liner.
of Riverdale, New Jersey, consists of a detachable rack frame that is housed in its own protective host enclosure.