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Synonyms for detach

detach yourself from something


  • distance yourself from
  • disengage yourself from
  • remove yourself from
  • separate yourself from
  • liberate yourself from
  • disconnect yourself from
  • disentangle yourself from

Synonyms for detach

to separate one thing from another thing

to become or cause to become apart one from another

to remove from association with

Synonyms for detach

cause to become detached or separated

separate (a small unit) from a larger, especially for a special assignment

References in classic literature ?
The Tree of Life is dead, but before it died the plant men learned to detach themselves from it and roam the face of Barsoom with the other children of the First Parent.
The genius of the Platonists is intoxicating to the student, yet how few particulars of it can I detach from all their books.
So it became necessary to detach the balloon from its draught-animal at last.
He tried to detach the mother, who had, so to speak, knotted her hands around her daughter's waist; but she clung so strongly to her child, that it was impossible to separate them.
Why, he wondered, could Joan never for one moment detach her mind from the details of domestic life?
Suddenly, in the strange way in which some words detach themselves from the rest, they heard him say quite distinctly:--
The reveries from which it was difficult for him to detach himself were ideal constructions of something else than Rosamond's virtues, and the primitive tissue was still his fair unknown.