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Researchers believe that DBS controls seizures by desynchronizing synchronized high-voltage cortical discharges.
Improved neural representation of vowels in electric stimulation using desynchronizing pulse trains.
This had the effect of desynchronizing normal logistics support to BCT units and draining precious logistics assets and capabilities.
By desynchronizing the distractors and the target in the flanker task, researchers have attempted to discover the temporal dynamics of distractor effects on target processing (e.
The machineguns and mortars allow it to achieve fire superiority and provide a base of suppressive fire for maneuver elements to close with the enemy by reaching positions in defilade with high explosive, obscuring enemy fires with white phosphorus, or desynchronizing the enemy's ability to fight by well-placed indirect fire.
Given all these pote ntially desynchronizing influences, and the low nutrient loadings for many of these lakes, we expected that local processes would largely determine interannual chlorophyll dynamics and that neighboring lakes would consequently be asynchronous.
This is a desynchronizing factor that works against the synchronizing power of the events.