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cause to become desynchronized

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Usually cryptanalysts exploit this weakness of the UMAPs and hence make both the reader and tag desynchronize.
As many as 30% of plants and animals could go extinct as their habitats shift from under them, heat overstresses them, or early springs desynchronize the birth of their young from the availability of the food supplies they need.
The shift of over an hour by dosed spiders could desynchronize them with the peak activity of their prey, reducing their predatory efficiency.
At first sight, the simplest way to achieve these goals would be to desynchronize the presentation of the distractors and the target, observing the changes in the influence of the distractors on target processing as a function of the distractor/target SOA.
Extended working periods desynchronize the internal circadian rhythms of long-haul drivers who work many hours per day and have work/rest cycles less than twenty-four hours (Stoynev and Minkova 1997).
I attempted to designate three broods as control (brood size = clutch size), enlarged and reduced, but it was often impossible to find three broods to fit these criteria because kingbird nest density is low (Murphy 1996b) and nest failures desynchronize nesting.
Relative-size-dependent cannibalism during development may tend to synchronize ontogeny as small individuals are preferentially eliminated over time; absolute-size-dependent cannibalism may desynchronize development; and both together may produce intermediate trends (Crowley and Hopper 1994).
That is, once the institution's basic ethical assumption desynchronize with the attitudes of its members, positive feedback can cause once exceptional and questionable practices to become routine and unremarkable.
A goal has been set to complete the synchronisation project to desynchronize from the Russian electricity system and to synchronize with the networks of continental Europe by 2025.
Time-scaling attacks can be used to desynchronize a watermark detector for SS-based watermarking systems.
This would slow the tempo of the Union forces and perhaps desynchronize their efforts.