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Synonyms for desynchronize

cause to become desynchronized

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Leaders must avoid separate "stove pipe" meetings that can ultimately desynchronize plans.
As many as 30% of plants and animals could go extinct as their habitats shift from under them, heat overstresses them, or early springs desynchronize the birth of their young from the availability of the food supplies they need.
The shift of over an hour by dosed spiders could desynchronize them with the peak activity of their prey, reducing their predatory efficiency.
Extended working periods desynchronize the internal circadian rhythms of long-haul drivers who work many hours per day and have work/rest cycles less than twenty-four hours (Stoynev and Minkova 1997).
Application in Relationship Application in display time world time Convergence Explore/analyse patterns Create/optimize synchronization Similarity Explore pattern correlation, Predict patterns synchronize representations Stability Explore patterns, Decide on measures, desynchronize predict(?
Time-scaling attacks can be used to desynchronize a watermark detector for SS-based watermarking systems.
This would slow the tempo of the Union forces and perhaps desynchronize their efforts.
Memory may emerge when rhinal and hippocampal neurons synchronously oscillate and then desynchronize.