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We observed that synchronization of epileptic spikes occurs in the preictal periods and dynamical desynchronization in the postictal periods.
Leikin also posits some intriguing reasons for Scriabin's use of desynchronization and its proportional relationship to polyphonic complexity (pp.
Event-related desynchronization / Synchronization (ERD / ERS) patterns are the measurable changes made by Motor Imagery (MI) in the EEG signals.
Desynchronization occurs when uncertainties happen in engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning phases of a project during execution.
These results also fit with electrophysiological data on MS fatigue (34) where event-related synchronization and desynchronization of the 18 to 22 Hz frequency bands were altered over frontal brain regions in fatigued compared with non-fatigued MS-patients.
Insomnia or sleepiness occur due to desynchronization between the affected endogenous circadian clock and the exogenous timekeepers, affecting timing or duration of sleep.
A growing body of evidence suggests that a desynchronization of circadian rhythms may play a role in various tumoral diseases, diabetes, obesity, and depression.
is observed, wherein synchrony occurs paradoxically within desynchronization, resulting in continual, systematic, and successive breakdown and reconstitution of event periodicities and the phase relationships between them.
Sync Point Extraction: The received audio signal is analyzed first to extract the set of sync points (SP) [4, 5] used to combat desynchronization attacks.
In his recent book "Revolutionary Wealth," futurist Alvin Toffler describes how the desynchronization of society has created more and more speed bumps along the fast lane.
In this case the change in the signal power, occuring in a given band, relative to a reference interval is calculated and parameterized as event-related desynchronization (ERD) and event-related synchronization (ERS) [7-8,12,13].
frequency, choosing the representation, adaptive approximations and basic practical issues along with analysis of seizures, event-related desynchronization and synchronization and spatial localization of cerebral sources, then describes equations and technical details such as adaptive approximation and matching pursuit, statistic significance of changes in the time-frequency plane and details and tricks of implementation.
The poems play on a believed rhetoric of equality between people that is rendered meaningless by invitation complicated by erasure, the desynchronization of desire, a power differential, a fractured narrative.
Reactive countermeasures would address such problems as medical emergencies, depression and related emotional problems, circadian desynchronization, crew autonomy from mission control, group fragmentation and interpersonal conflict, and loss of skilled performance.