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Event Related Desynchronization patterns in low Alpha band for Type 3 performance suggest that higher levels of general cortical arousal are associated with suboptimal-controlled performance states.
Therefore, altered levels of melatonin due to prolonged exposure to light result in desynchronization between the internal hormonal environment and external environment, explaining poor sleep quality of nurses working night shifts [23].
Marsden, "Bradykinesia and impairment of EEG desynchronization in Parkinson's disease," Movement Disorders, vol.
In all electrodes, the significant desynchronization is absent for time windows from [-6, -5) to [-4, -3) s but then begins to intensify gradually from [-3, -2) s up to [0,1) s.
They exploited the inherent weak diffusion properties of T--functions [36] and found two effective attacks on the protocols: desynchronization and full disclosure.
Compound Tests Participant C11 was only given a single compound test before the final MTS test, but the remaining participants (C12-15) were given three compound tests, each of which included a balanced mixture of AB, BA, AC, CA, BC and CB dyads, all of which can be taken as tests of equivalence, followed by a similar fourth test incorporating a phased desynchronization of the stimuli.
A tentative hypothesis is offered concerning the contribution of DMT sigma-1 receptor interactions: Broadband desynchronization and the overall suppression of power in many EEG bands (viz.
And the cinematic valences of the term desynchronization are especially relevant to her technologically mediated investigations.
In the same study, in cases with inhibitor control, alpha/beta desynchronization in primary motor cortex was found to be decreased.
One method to avoid desynchronization is a detailed and well-articulated capabilities briefing by the engineer company commander or platoon leader to the maneuver company commander immediately upon linkup or notification of task organization.
The study showed that desynchronization of circadian neurons is a key feature of jet lag.
For both patients, increased synchronization in the preictal and desynchronization in the postictal periods can be observed.
Event-Related Desynchronization and Synchronization (ERD/ERS)
Chaotic itinerancy as a mechanism of irregular changes between synchronization and desynchronization in a neural network.
The desynchronization of the circadian rhythm perpetuates and exacerbates clinical symptoms and it can even cause psychopathology.