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cause to become desynchronized

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The way we have grown the wheat is desynchronised with local wheat as well, meaning it flowers at different times.
That is why it is extremely interesting to reveal some overarching tendencies and establishing new ties within this desynchronised space.
No one would deny that these New Year sales follow too hard on the heels of the Old Master auctions in London in December, or that the spring is a far more agreeable time to be in Manhattan--but desynchronised sales must be bad news for buyers.
The most common causes of a phase advance or delay in the sleep / wake rhythm are those associated with jet lag, that is the when the sleep-wake rhythm is desynchronised relative to local time due to crossing several time zones in a short time period during flights; and shift work.
In 20-40% of HF patients, electrical conduction delays in the ventricles (the lower chambers of the heart) cause the contraction of the heart chambers to become desynchronised, making the heart even less efficient in pumping blood.
Over the last 15 years, the business cycle in Norway has been desynchronised in relation to cyclical developments in most European countries.