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Synonyms for desultory

Synonyms for desultory

without aim, purpose, or intent

having no particular pattern, purpose, organization, or structure

Words related to desultory

marked by lack of definite plan or regularity or purpose

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The case against Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi, and a few others, moves on desultorily in the Pakistani courts, and the Pakistan Army conspirators, retired or otherwise, are not even on the radar of the authorities.
One desultorily trots around in the prefabricated little gardens devoted to the marketing of books, the major international book fairs and shows, nibbling here and there, reluctant to truly engage profoundly with serious books.
He desultorily wooed her and wrote her poems for at least eight years.
Returning to New York in 1926, Outerbridge signed a contract with Harper's Bazaar, desultorily doing the odd, though notable, shoot in luxury goods.
15pm, England batted on desultorily before declaring at 319 for two, setting Warwickshire a target of 507 in 27 overs.
In the closing forum, 20-odd speakers assembled on a stage before a thousand or so delegates to perform, rather desultorily, a closing ceremony.
A bookmaker or two started, desultorily, to price up the next race.
Sitting quietly one Sabbath morning in synagogue during the public reading of the Torah, (1) I found myself desultorily attending to a number of probably for good reasons, obscure Torah passages, With a start, I was aware that another "go-around" with God had begun.
Three boys desultorily kicked a ball against an unfinished wall.
Those colleagues are desultorily offended by Addison's presence, even though, on her first morning in town, she managed to do an unwitting strip tease of one of them, Sam (Diggs), Naomi's ex.
And so the others sit there, chewing desultorily, bickering with one another, and growing drunk on liquor fermented from the sap of the alien trees.
Like Narcissus he was obsessed by his image--his wonderful chocolate eyes lingering on the odd spot, at which he picked desultorily.
For several years Spain was happy to sit in the northern zone, desultorily carrying out a program of limited colonization and some economic exploitation, notably potash and nitrate mining.
By the 1850s and 1860s, there was some improvement, but behind the impressive workhouse facades still lay crumbling, ill-maintained buildings with sewage pooling in the yards, mothers and babies crammed into ill-ventilated, dark, low-ceiling basements, girls desultorily schooled in sheds.
He was not much more successful at Cambridge than he had been at Marlborough, studying only desultorily and lapsing into "day-dreaming and Pre-Raphaelitism .