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remove sulfur from


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2) At higher temperature, Zinc compound can be converted into ZnO, which it is an excellent desulphurizing adsorbent.
Figure 6 shows the desulphurizing capability for 13X loaded with different concentration of [Zn.
to build a plant in Slovakia to produce magnesium-based desulphurizing reagents.
There were a multitude of problems - lack of control of ore grade, poor furnace feed control, erosion of furnace roof and bottom refractories, inefficient systems for desulphurizing the liquid iron and handling the TiO.
Use of the Marathon rotating hearth process, Petrol Chimie vertical kiln (PC), more as a desulphurizing calciner and electric calcination have also been reported (Reis, 1975).
PF needs additional scrubbers for desulphurizing flue gas because high combustion temperature hinders the formation of CaS[O.