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remove sulfur from


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On average, the desulfurizing unit operating at that capacity will increase the refinery's margins by at least $6.
2]) (Lime/Spar) method of desulfurizing cupola-melted ductile base iron begins to replace the Ca[C.
a developer of a proprietary hydrocarbon desulfurization process, have entered into an agreement in which Gulf Petroleum will design the internal equipment of the desulfurizing plant for the separation of sulfur compounds from the hydrocarbons.
technology employs a patented technology that transfers hydrogen from water to various petroleum streams, desulfurizing those streams, increasing products volume and improving the cetane index of diesel fuel.
desulfurizing heavy hydrocarbons such as cat cracker feeds.
OTC Bulletin Board: FWLD) announced today that it has negotiated an agreement for the sale of the first desulfurizing unit using the proprietary SulphCo.
As a result of successful trials, the calcium carbide, porous plug desulfurizing system used in conjunction with a cupola was eliminated.
The Woodlands pilot plant simulations are expected to provide the design basis for a commercial BDS unit for Petro Star's use in desulfurizing untreated diesel.
Unlike electric arc furnaces in which the refractory lining--acid or basic--significantly affects the melt, dephosphorizing or desulfurizing is possible with the VIM process only using additions.
5,496,729 "Process for the Desulfurization and the Desalting of a Fossil Fuel" directly addresses the problems posed by the limitations of current techniques for desulfurizing and desalting fossil fuels.
Powder injection, another technique for desulfurizing molten steel, was described by A.