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remove sulfur from


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1995, "Desulfurization of alkyl and aromatic sulfides and sulfonates by dibenzothiophene desulfurizing Rhodococcus sp.
In contrast to what Eriksson considers to be a somewhat arbitrary choice of tax rates on carbon dioxide, the Swedish government calculated the tax rate on the sulfur content of fuels according to the estimated costs of desulfurizing the fuel.
they formed Omega Energy, LLC as an equally owned entity for constructing and operating proprietary desulfurizing units.
Contract awarded for Desulfurization desulfurizing agent Replacement
Most Dibenzothiophen (DBT) desulfurizing bacteria were isolated and characterized such as Arthrobacter, Brevibacterium, Pseudomonas, Gordona and Rhodococcus Sp [5, 6, 7].
Refiners are already well on their way to installing multimillion dollars' worth of desulfurizing equipment.
The S level in cupola iron usually is too high for most treatment processes for ductile base iron and is lowered via a desulfurizing ladle.
are constructing a modular desulfurization unit capable of desulfurizing 20,000 gallons of high sulfur diesel fuel per day.
17 for delivery of desulfurizing equipment to a 150-megawatt thermal power plant in Iraq.
2]) (Lime/Spar) method of desulfurizing cupola-melted ductile base iron begins to replace the Ca[C.
a developer of a proprietary hydrocarbon desulfurization process, have entered into an agreement in which Gulf Petroleum will design the internal equipment of the desulfurizing plant for the separation of sulfur compounds from the hydrocarbons.
The Midrex process successfully produced a high quality low sulfur, low phosphorous and low titanium liquid iron and generated a desulfurizing titanium-rich fluid slag at melting temperatures of 1288 degreesC.
As a result of successful trials, the calcium carbide, porous plug desulfurizing system used in conjunction with a cupola was eliminated.
desulfurizing heavy hydrocarbons such as cat cracker feeds.
Unlike electric arc furnaces in which the refractory lining--acid or basic--significantly affects the melt, dephosphorizing or desulfurizing is possible with the VIM process only using additions.