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remove sulfur from


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After the pre-round is melted and the iron transferred to a channel furnace, the entire gray iron base induction furnace is desulfurized using a 10-ton porous plug ladle and 1.
63 million liters of diesel desulfurized for vehicles complying with the UNI EN 590 with a sulfur content up to 10 mg / kg.
Desulfurized oil for automotive year 2013 for ATM S.
Louis pilot plant continues to process desulfurized diesel fuel provided by Total Raffinage Distribution, S.
After tapping, the hot metal is desulfurized with lime, calcium carbide and/or magnesium.
The molten iron is desulfurized and deoxidized by reactive agents and, depending on the iron grade desired, undergoes further treatments, including recarburization, before casting into ingots.
we are now concentrating our efforts on developing a commercial BDS system specifically for the production of deeply desulfurized diesel fuel, which refiners they will need to meet expected European Union (EU) regulations of 2000 and beyond," said John Webb, President and CEO of Energy BioSystems.
We desulfurized a 649 ppm diesel down to 282 ppm (sufficient to meet expected 2000 EU specifications), and a 262 ppm diesel down to 79 ppm (sufficient to meet anticipated post-2000 EU specifications).
Desulfurization simulations, using deeply desulfurized diesel provided by Total Raffinage Distribution, S.
Temperature losses during treatment were 100-130 [degrees] F for previously desulfurized iron and 140-170 [degrees] F for iron with base sulfur levels above 0.
5,510,265 "Multistage Process for Deep Desulfurization of a Fossil Fuel" relates to a multistage process for producing a deeply desulfurized liquid fossil fuel.
Koch will be primarily responsible for selecting and providing the target oil stream as well as testing desulfurized product quality.