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remove sulfur from


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the "Company" or "SulphCo") , a technology company with a patented ultrasound process designed to desulfurize crude oil, is pleased to announce that Jeffrey R.
Early cupolas used acid and soda ash to desulfurize.
The Group contributes to the manufacturing of many everyday products: bubbles in sparkling beverages, protective atmosphere for packed foods, oxygen for hospitals and homecare patients, ultra-pure gases for the semiconductor industry, hydrogen to desulfurize fuels.
Our customers have indicated that it will cost them as much (or more) to meet these lower specifications than it does to desulfurize from 2000 ppm to 500 ppm.
This will lead to economical desulfurization plants at crude oil production sites, as well as low-cost polishing units to desulfurize refined products, such as diesel fuel, to very low sulfur levels at a fraction of the cost of conventional technologies.
the "Company" or "SulphCo") , a technology company with a patented ultrasound process to desulfurize crude oil, announced today the appointment of Fred S.
Schattenmann will have management responsibility for the Company's research and development programs involving the Company's patented Sonocracking(TM) technology, a process employing ultrasound technology to desulfurize and hydrogenate crude oil and other oil related products.