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remove sulfur from


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Call for applications for the realization of a biological biogas desulfurization unit on non-hazardous waste storage facility Eeteignieres (08), producing a sludge thickener for the biological station and a unit common sludge dewatering, with delivery of the works to 03/30/2016.
JET's principal technology is the Efficient Ammonia Desulfurization (EADS) process which is capable of reducing sulfur dioxide emissions from boilers, fluid catalytic cracking units, and sulfur recovery tail gas treating units in oil refineries to concentrations below 20 ppmv.
electricity and gas costs incurred for desulfurization shall not exceed
Flue gas desulfurization is also used in reagent & replacement applications, which were valued at USD 7.
It was previously reported, Uzbekneftegaz completed the construction of the seventh stage of gas desulfurization in July 2013 as part of 16th, 17th and 18th universal blocks with a total capacity of six billion cubic meters per year.
The company completed a project for construction of the seventh unit of gas desulfurization in March 2013.
Among the objectives of the research, mention can be made of the use of magnetite magnetic nanoparticles to separate desulfurization bacteria in oil/water two-phase system through a bio-desulfurization process in specific, and to develop an effective technology for the separation and possibly the re-use of the cells in various applications.
Flue-gas desulfurization systems clean the flue gas emitted during the combustion of coal and other fuels by removing the sulfur dioxide (SOx) contained in such gas.
Of the over 3,000 cement makers in China, only two in Xiangtan (Hunan Province), and another two in Chengdu (Sichuan Province) have denitrogenation and desulfurization processing, with about one third of cement makers unable to afford the equipment.
Hitachi has been manufacturing denitrification and desulfurization equipment since the 1960s at subsidiary Babcock-Hitachi K.
The conventional reaction model of hydrodesulfurization of diesel fuel and fuel oil does not work effectively in the ultra-deep desulfurization range down to sulfur content 100 ppm or less.
Asphalt prices also will be elevated and may go higher by year end, as refiners introduce more desulfurization equipment that leaves less liquid asphalt at the end of the refining process; construction plastics prices should come down from recent highs but average 10-20% higher than year-ago levels; and other products that rely on natural gas or that have high transport costs, such as paints, coatings, insulation, and brick, are likely to rise 5-10% in price.
Spain's top power company, with two large, flue gas desulfurization systems, Mitsubishi Heavy said Tuesday.
Construction of the desulfurization plant was supposed to start this summer, but a strike in Venezuela disrupted shipments of crude oil to St.