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Synonyms for desuetude

the quality or state of being obsolete

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a state of inactivity or disuse

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Haslewood's career suggests that the expansion of book knowledge around 1800 and the rise of bibliomania--what Jon Klancher terms "wild bibliography"--had its correlative in a fascination for printed ephemera, for "things fallen into desuetude.
1) Sur les traces de ses concitoyens et predecesseurs, a savoir Vumbi Yoka Mudimbe et George Ngal, Musinde tente de remettre les pendules a l'heure en rappelant une conception philosophique de la litterature dans un monde ou elle semble tomber en desuetude.
Some scholars suggest that the doctrine of "belligerent recognition" has fallen into desuetude and therefore no longer reflects the law.
Pourquoi [beaucoup moins que]Cabinet de curiosites[beaucoup plus grand que], une expression qui ne court pas les rues, la desuetude ayant rattrape ce qui est maintenant l'ancetre des musees?
Unhappy as each side may have been with the behavior of the other, all were willing to concede the continuing legitimacy of the ceasefire regime; none were willing to openly declare the entire mechanism illegitimate or in desuetude.
Meme si la revolution de decembre a constitue le moment de tournure de la politique roumaine contemporaine et meme si elle a ouvert la possibilite de la construction d'un regime democratique, elle semble etre tombee en desuetude en tant que sujet de recherche dans le domaine politique, elle s'est metamorphosee lentement dans une simple victime de l'oubli (5), instrumentalise <<comme si c'est dans l'interet de tous>> (6).
Est-ce que l'expression va rester ou va tomber en desuetude ?
Of this and other images drawn from a threadbare seaside town with a shack-cluttered harbour, with dead birds and torn-out tree roots accumulated on its tideline, the author writes: 'Southwold's desuetude began Clough's liking for the abject, things forlorn and overlooked, for the energy that remains in forms even when their purpose has been lost.
As a formal legal process, the idea that law fails as law if it is routinely bypassed is common in domestic and international legal systems, and is known as desuetude.
First, he aims at partially mending the standing of the Pahlavi translation, which for a long time, especially in the nineteenth century, was regarded as an important tool for our understanding of Avestan texts, but has ever since, barring a few exceptions, fallen into desuetude.
This enables the author to show the genesis of many of our current laws and to talk about the way in which so many of these established crimes against the State have been used episodically; frequently in some periods, falling into desuetude for a while and, then, enjoying surprising revivals.
the desuetude into which ideas of theodicy have fallen.
Because economic competition among groups is the mechanism of cultural evolution, extensive state control of the economy can lead to the desuetude and disappearance of the evolved practices that gave rise to the extended order and that support its large population (1979, 170-73).
Section 4: A Study in Constitutional Desuetude, 46 MINN.