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the quality of causing destruction

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A 14 percent increase in wind speed is an almost 50 percent increase in destructiveness.
Egypt needs a complete de-Mubarakization The failure of Egypt to move away from the past and create a better future is testimony of the depth of the cancer Mubarak inflicted on Egypt and the resilient destructiveness of his three decades in power.
Ray states "we are hoping that this auction is a huge success, not only by raising money, but by getting the word out about the destructiveness disease.
In lab tests, graduate student Jiuyang Zhang prepared a cobaltocenium metallopolymer that greatly slowed the destructiveness of beta-lactamase on a model beta-lactam molecule (nitrocefin).
Hariri's politics were the politics of inclusiveness, as he struggled to protect the country from the destructiveness of sectarianism.
6m will be set aside to save our nation from this path of unopposed creeping destructiveness called colonialism.
PERHAPS history may record Margaret Thatcher's destructiveness.
Neither technology is anywhere close to sustainably scalable, and neither addresses the enormous impacts beyond the car's operational energy the vast embodied energy in cars and their attendant infrastructure; their enabling of resource-consuming urban sprawl; the obesity and attendant health problems that correlate with a car-dependent lifestyle; the toll of 30,000 Americans killed each year in auto accidents; the social destructiveness of eliminating face-to-face contact in the public realm.
Police struggled to control the baying mobs who swarmed through shopping areas in a sickening frenzy of greed and wanton destructiveness.
At the same time, she is strongly affected by difficulties, but she has the ability to turn destructiveness into opportunities.
Historians of Eastern Europe, most of them in North America but presumably drawing on studies from the region, reveal the scale of destructiveness of wars there during the 16th-18th centuries and the consequences these wars had for the balance of power elsewhere in the West and in Asia.
Cook said,We want Kevin Pietersen to open as we have seen his power and the destructiveness he can cause in the power-play.
The destructiveness has reached a point where I absolutely must do something.
I wanted to write something absolutely unique," Bascom says, "something that would give voice to my concerns about the destructiveness of the liberal agenda taking hold in our country, but in a way that avoids rants or preaching and is delivered in an entertaining, engaging way.
The Tree Monkeys" is a sophisticated examination of the destructiveness of the myth of ownership, laced with humor, cartoon-like bright illustrations, and fresh dialogue.