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Synonyms for destructive

Synonyms for destructive

having the capability or effect of damaging irreparably

Antonyms for destructive

causing destruction or much damage

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to adopt and implement sustainable seafood policies with the idea that ultimately down the road they are only buying and selling sustainable seafood, and not seafood from destructively fished species or stocks or seafood that is fished in a destructive method, like bottom trawling," Beth Fitzgerald, senior oceans campaigner at Washington-based Greenpeace tells Grocery Headquarters.
She must also cope with an evil new roommate, Honey, who has a vicious tongue, detests Calypso as a colonial upstart, and meddles destructively in other people's lives.
I didn't destructively test my unit, but I bet the wire would pull away before the connector.
But if the spouse is brutally and destructively abusive, part of keeping those vows is to do whatever is possible to end the circumstances that make the abuse possible.
Marks and Spencer heads the table for the second year in a row for dropping destructively fished species from its shelves.
The report praised Sainsbury's, at number three, for adopting vigorous new measures to stop the sale of some of the most destructively fished species such as skate.
It also adds needlessly and destructively to Americans' disenchantment with the presidential candidates who would lead them.
Georgia, once considered the cote d'azur and breadbasket of the Soviet Union, now looks like a Third World country: poor in resources and destructively corrupt.
Not only are biodiversity and climate being destructively altered, but lives are also being irreversibly harmed.
Atkinson, of course, is the king of physical comedy, particularly in the near-silent role of the destructively insensitive Mr.
Labeled "punkettes" by authorities, the anarchist movement in Mexico has gained increasing prominence and force in the last several months, destructively making its presence felt at various events around the country.
Horizontal violence is the term used to describe "when peers behave destructively toward each other".
For the bridge exercise, students work in groups to design, analyze, construct, and destructively test model bridges.
When the length of one of the paths changes by just a half-wavelength of light (typically 1/4000 millimeter), the waves change from adding constructively to destructively, turning from bright to dark.
This leaves local clubs open to forge alliances with those ranchers who are committed to providing an alternative to destructively grazed and feedlot-finished beef.