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Synonyms for lesion

Synonyms for lesion

any localized abnormal structural change in a bodily part

an injury to living tissue (especially an injury involving a cut or break in the skin)

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The imaging demonstrated disseminated disease with a destructive lesion of the right ilium and abnormal soft tissue in the bilateral perinephric space.
The radiographic appearance of osteoarticular tuberculosis can mimic metastatic tumors or primary osseous lesions such as eosinophilic granuloma, especially if multiple destructive lesions are present.
The pathophysiology of cocaine-induced midline destructive lesions is multifactorial and includes local ischemia secondary to vasoconstriction, chemical irritation from adulterants put in "cut" cocaine, and infection secondary to trauma, impaired mucociliary transport, and decreased humoral and cell-mediated immunity.
This clinical entity is rare, but it should be strongly suspected in a patient who presents with a destructive lesion of the vertebra and a retropharyngeal mass that extends across the midline.
CT of the temporal bones revealed a destructive lesion of the fight petrous apex, and MRI showed a 3.
Areview of his original computed tomography (CT) scan (figure) revealed the presence of a large, destructive lesion that involved the sinonasal area and extended into the anterior cranial fossa, a significant degree of associated vasogenic edema in the adjacent frontal lobes of the brain, and signs of hemorrhage.
Radiographic images will often show a destructive lesion with tooth displacement, but they are nonspecific.
In SAPHO syndrome, destructive lesions progress associated with marginal sclerosis explaining why destructive spondylodiscitis progresses slowly.
Cocaine-induced midline destructive lesions may be caused by the cocaine itself and do not generate the distinctive skin involvement that occurs with the levamisole-related condition (11).
The minimally invasive, image-guided treatment of vertebroplasty is an integral component to the complicated treatment of multiple myeloma, an incurable (yet treatable) cancer of the bone marrow that causes destructive lesions in bones and makes them more susceptible to fracture.
Cholesteatomas are non-neoplastic but destructive lesions consisting of desquamating keratin epithelium.