destructive distillation

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heating a solid substance in a closed container and collecting the volatile products

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The synthetic oil, which is obtained by destructive distillation of oil shale, is known as shale oil.
Unified's process uses a form of destructive distillation in which manipulation of the carbon chains in the biomass occurs with the end resultant being a liquid fuel.
provisional patent application for a Bulk Feeder for Destructive Distillation.
John Rivera, the GWE System is a patent application pending solid waste destructive distillation energy recovery system.
The company's technologies include: Pyrolytic Carbon Extraction Process(TM), an emission-free solid waste-to-energy process that produces the alternative fuel Phoenix 777(TM) and carbon black; Hot Plasma Destructive Distillation, which produces AquaFuel(TM) from water and carbon or liquid industrial waste; Magnetion(TM), an alternative liquid waste treatment technology that produces Magnegas(TM) (all TTL fuels are clean burning and return oxygen to the air upon combustion); BORS Lift(TM), which increases marginal oil field production while dramatically cutting costs; EMR(TM) (Electromagnetic Recycling), a process that converts scrap tires and related solid waste materials into marketable products without emissions.