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easily destroyed

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The Destructible Vinyl products include silver and semi-gloss white films.
Clattering into the destructible scenery racks up points and the aim is to tally up plenty of them by stringing together combos before Jarvis' limp body comes to a rest.
And what's great about your environments is that almost everything is destructible.
Rack up insane points with power-ups, pinball bumper obstacles scattered around the destructible city skyline, and try to travel the furthest distance possible.
Several new features to the "Battlefield" franchise were also introduced, including Commander Mode, multiplayer gameplay, dynamic destructible environments, and many other gameplay features.
The guns are meaty, making firing them extremely satisfying, while the destructible environments give Bodycount an exciting edge.
The 3D graphics and fully destructible environment let you set your inner monster loose and smash through city after city.
Graphics in Hulk are pretty good through not the best I've seen by far, and at first it's fun to just run around in hugely destructible environments laying waste to whatever crosses your path.
The environments - urban, industrial and woodland - are fully destructible.
These maps are inspired by the award winning Battlefield 1942[TM] game, but have been redesigned and reengineered using the DICE destructible Frostbite[TM] engine which takes down walls, blockades and cover spots, leaving players with almost nowhere to hide.
All terrain and buildings are of tac wo destructible, meaning you'll need to find appropriate cover for your troops.
New open-world setting New Marais is an explorable and destructible playground, while greatly improved combat and parkour mechanics encourage beautifully controlled chaos at every turn.
Fully destructible 3D environments make every round unique.
5 product lineup, which includes dramatic extensions to in-game software and production tools that deliver unparalleled cutting-edge physics, destructible environments, and dynamic character behaviors with simulated clothing.
There's now Gears-style shooter cover support, kill cams, destructible environments and glossy next-gen graphics.