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vulnerability to destruction

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If we can have a destructible robot without values, moreover, destructibility (in conjunction with the option of avoiding destruction by acting in a certain way) is insufficient for value.
The narrative dynamic of the action genres derives largely from this "demonstration of masculine destructibility and recuperability" (Smith 81).
d (1936) in refusing to adopt the doctrine of destructibility of contingent remainders in New Mexico).
One of the top features in this game is the environmental destructibility.
Instructions regarding the officers' ability to make a warrantless entry of the crime scene to make an initial assessment of the danger to life or safety and the destructibility of evidence;
1589-1595), where the judges of the King's Bench construed the Statute of Uses narrowly so as to make every contingent remainder a legal estate in land (and hence destructible under the Rule of Destructibility of Contingent Remainders).
These products offer excellent destructibility and tamper evidence on a broad range of substrates.
Doctrine of Worthier Title, and the Destructibility of Contingent