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Broughshane-born Nesbitt, who's starring in a new ITV drama Quite Ugly One Morning, said he believes most people have a self destruct button and that he's pressed his more than once.
Featured in the brochure are the OREC 0500-0900 ozone test chambers; OREC 03DM-100 ozone measurement systems; OREC Model DO3 dissolved ozone monitor; CCSI ozone destruct unit; XDR exchangeable die rheometer; instrument repair, calibration and certification; molds, dies, devices and cutters; die and rotor service tools; dies and rotors; thickness gauges; laboratory rubber cutters; other laboratory equipment; new and used test equipment; and testing services.
An ozone destruct module may be used with the Orec 0500 and 0900 ozone chambers.
This manufacturer of Orec ozone chambers and ozone monitors has introduced an ozone destruct module that may be used with the Orec 0500 and 0900 ozone chambers.
This innovative new advertising medium will permit advertisers to send video email messages and commercials to their customers that introduce a sense of urgency and excitement by creating time-sensitive video offers that self destruct," stated Darin Myman, President and CEO of BigString Corporation.