destroyer escort

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warship smaller than a destroyer

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The superbattleship avoided being struck but in so doing took herself out of the fight, Hoel hurled herself at the cruisers and suffered 40 hits before going down, Sprague now sent his destroyer escorts into the Japanese.
WITH Jock Brown prowling the Job Centres, Kenny Dalglish pondering the parking arrangements in Kerrydale Street, and Fergus McCann considering a destroyer escort when he ships his gold to Bermuda in the spring, Celtic get back to basic business on Saturday.
Robinson during the battle for Leyte Gulf (October 25, 1944); saw further destroyer service after the war (1946-1948); assigned to the NROTC unit at the University of North Carolina (January 1948-June 1950); as a lieutenant commander (April 1950), he was made commander of the destroyer escort Tillis (1950-March 1951); navigator aboard U.
He was commissioned as a second lieutenant on the destroyer escort the U.
His stamp is based on a 1942 photograph and depicts the crest of the destroyer escort USS Miller (DE 1091), commissioned in 1973.
He'd been the last standing gunner on a puny destroyer escort that waylaid a massive Japanese cruiser for 50 minutes, helping force a crucial enemy retreat.
He was commissioned as a 2nd lieutenant on the destroyer escort, the USS Cole and spent most of his wartime in the Pacific.
To honor Amick, the navy named a destroyer escort after him.
His sea service includes tours aboard destroyer escort USS Barbey; frigates USS Bowen, USS Jessie L.
They ran into gale force winds which cut down the speed of the destroyer escort, and Flynn decided to go on alone.
Fred served in the United States Navy during World War II doing destroyer escort convoy duty in the North Atlantic.
Home Front, "All Hands to the Teleporter"--The USS Eldridge was a destroyer escort, not a destroyer.
During World War II he was a gunner aboard the destroyer escort USS Damon M.
Drafted on February 18, 1944, he was a fantail gunner aboard a destroyer escort by mid-May.
He served in the Navy aboard the destroyer escort USS Cates in the north sector of the Asian-Pacific Theater during World War II.