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Heart-attack victim Jerry Morton (Michael Starke) will head for Spain to destress his life after his illness and his family will also leave the Street.
Their gentle herbal fragrances are full of promise -whether it's to purify (good for me as I like to retox daily), uplift the spirits, destress a troubled soul or put you in the mood for lurve.
Each week a host of huge names will join Dame Edna in her resort to destress and be looked after using Dame Edna's unique methods.
Taking time out to relax and destress is no longer a luxury given our busy lifestyles, but absolutely necessary, and something that all of us can, should, and will enjoy once we adopt a routine conducive to relaxing.
The penetrating pulse generated by this massage belt will help you unwind and destress in a most pleasurable way.
Take an hour in the morning and evening to sit down, destress and go somewhere where no one can bother you.
She added: "We need to expose the myth that alcohol can destress you, in fact it can make things worse once the effects wear off.
Carbohydrates increase the brain levels of calming serotonin to destress you.
There are nine mini oils to destress, calm or invigorate - whatever your mood.
Laura Ann gave me a life-balancing consultation and discovered I needed to relax and destress.
But I found that without that hour just to sit down and destress I was getting tired and cranky by 4pm and really terrible indigestion.
ANYONE who has experienced the temporary highs that come from eating chocolate or knows the jittery feeling that follows a couple cups of coffee in quick succession, knows that certain foods and drinks can have dramatic effects on their bodies,'' explains Beth MacEoin, author of The Total DeStress Plan.
Harry Woolfries, a stress management consultant at the clinic, gave me a brief consultation to gather some background information and he explained how he was going to destress me using a revolutionary technique called the BEST - Bio Energetic Stress Testing.
If I were to use anything it would have to be an aromatherapy oil to help destress my skin.