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Synonyms for destitution

Synonyms for destitution

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a state without friends or money or prospects

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The CRMC says it has dealt with over a 100 cases of destitution in the last two months.
Others face homelessness and destitution in the long-termas financial support programmes from international donors begin to dry up," said Chiara Liguori, Caribbean Researcher at Amnesty International.
Drane Simpson UTT, New Yourk Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of Synonyms has this to say about naked: "When used with regard to persons and implying absence of clothing, the word is not uniform in its pictorial and emotional evocations; it may suggest many conditions, such as a state of nature and of physical beauty, a state of destitution and of pitiful suffering, a state of privacy and of admirable modesty or purity, a state of shameful publicity or of wanton exhibitionism.
Gaza: August 4 -- (BNA): Israel said it will one-sidedly observe a ceasefire in most parts of Gaza Strip today in order to facilitate humanitarian aid and to allow hundreds of war-torn Palestinians to return home after four weeks of abject destitution.
They boast how well the economy is doing but what that means is the rich luxuriate in ever-growing fortunes while the poor and disabled are reduced to destitution.
A The groups at higher risk of poverty and destitution are the children, the elderly, those of low education and the households of one person with dependent children.
It is surely wrong that people who could never afford the payments in the first place are hounded by debt collectors and reduced to destitution.
This has got nothing to do with 'better value for money', or 'pricing people into work' because it is forcing people into destitution and an over-worked health service which is currently being privatised through stealth, which they, and other 'investors'' will continue to profit from.
There should not be people living with nothing, in destitution in a country which is as prosperous as this" - Dr Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of
Mahsun's mother AyE-e E[currency]amgil says that until now they couldn't get necessary treatment for Mahsun, because of the destitution of their family.
ON Saturday anti-poverty campaigners across Britain will stage an event dubbed The Mass Sleep Out with thousands of people of all ages sleeping rough in temporary protest camps in more than 60 towns and cities to highlight the mass homelessness and destitution threatened by the "bedroom tax" and other welfare reforms.
Le FMI, qui negocie depuis plusieurs mois avec l'Egypte sur une aide financiere, a annonce jeudi ne pas avoir eu de "contact" avec les autorites interimaires au pouvoir dans le pays depuis la destitution du president Mohamed Morsi par l'armee.
TUNIS (TAP) - "The army's interference in political affairs, destitution of an elected president and suspension of the Constitution implementation constitute a violation of the democratic State's attributes," the Tunisian Government said on Friday in a statement following the last events in Egypt.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Prominent British charities found that nearly half a million people across the UK are now relying on food banks to survive hunger and destitution.
Only if the rich people, richer governments and richest nations resolve to eradicate poverty and destitution - by providing the poor with their basic needs of food and shelter.