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Synonyms for destitute

destitute of


Synonyms for destitute

Synonyms for destitute

poor enough to need help from others

completely wanting or lacking

References in classic literature ?
There certainly were evidences, however, that the country was not always equally destitute of game.
There were no foreclosures of mortgages, no protested notes, no bills payable, no debts of honour in Typee; no unreasonable tailors and shoemakers perversely bent on being paid; no duns of any description and battery attorneys, to foment discord, backing their clients up to a quarrel, and then knocking their heads together; no poor relations, everlastingly occupying the spare bed-chamber, and diminishing the elbow room at the family table; no destitute widows with their children starving on the cold charities of the world; no beggars; no debtors' prisons; no proud and hard-hearted nabobs in Typee; or to sum up all in one word--no Money
His probation was generally passed at the interior trading posts; removed for years from civilized society, leading a life almost as wild and precarious as the savages around him; exposed to the severities of a northern winter, often suffering from a scarcity of food, and sometimes destitute for a long time of both bread and salt.
Verily, I like them not, the merciful ones, whose bliss is in their pity: too destitute are they of bashfulness.
Having infused by persistent importunities some sort of heat into the chilly interest of several licensed victuallers (the acquaintances once upon a time of her late unlucky husband), Mrs Verloc's mother had at last secured her admission to certain almshouses founded by a wealthy innkeeper for the destitute widows of the trade.
Rivers abound, it is true; but this region is nearly destitute of brooks and the smaller water courses, which tend so much to comfort and fertility.
In 1930, the Regina Coeli Hostel, for destitute women and unmarried mothers with children, was opened.
LAHORE -- Provincial Minister for Minority Affairs and Human Rights Khalil Tahir Sandhu has said that sharing of Christmas joys with the poor and destitute persons is the real spirit of this festival.
in his address, said the Anjuman Faizul Islam was established in 1943 on the desire of the father of the nation Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Jinnah to retrieve the destitute children from Bangal who lost their parents in riots.
The students underwent a transformational journey as part of the project where they spent five days with destitute children.
This was the prime reason for starting homes for destitute seven years ago, said Dr Idrees V, the chairman of Thanal, the rehabilitation centre located in the northern part of Kerala.
It is unacceptable that the victims of these micro-lenders is the most destitute in society, and virtually depend on South African Social Services Agency (SASSA) money for everything, he said.
You have been the victim of a scam yourself and left equallynancially destitute.
Her life has been left effectively financially destitute.
FOLLOWING the letters to The Journal over the past two weeks regarding the children of the Middle East, I would like to bring to the attention of your readers an organisation named the PCDC (Practical Compassion for Destitute Children).