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social process of neutralizing the influence of Joseph Stalin by revising his policies and removing monuments dedicated to him and renaming places named in his honor

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The whole process from the glorification of Stalin to radical destalinization may be revealed if we examine the translation of Son of the Regiment, a novel by Kataev, and a drama piece under the same title.
William Taubman, Sergei Khrushchev, and Abbott Gleason (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2000), 160-76; Bittner, The Many Lives of Khrushchev's Thaw, "Introduction: History of a Metaphor"; and Miriam Dobson, "The Post-Stalin Era: DeStalinization, Daily Life, and Dissent," Kritika 12, 4 (2011): 921-22.
Constantinescu had ostensibly more patriotic motives: to champion the new policy of destalinization.
99) This was recognized as a significant step toward destalinization.
11) As Dan Catanus observes in "The Romanian communists under the impact of destalinization 1956-1951", in Arhivele Totalitarismului, nr.
about one full year before the formal destalinization process began in
While some were of high standards and put important themes and phrases into general circulation ("the end of ideology," economic growth, destalinization, the Third World), most of the debates were mediocre.
Indeed, what happens in Yugoslavia is often an early indicator of what will happen elsewhere in Eastern Europe, as was the case earlier with destalinization and market reforms.
It is also obvious that the ten years of Khrushchevite deStalinization have led to a moral and political impasse.
It is the political battles that are preoccupying the antagonists as well as the protagonists of peratroika, and those are still being fought more or less around the central issue of deStalinization.
Unlike many other "city biographies," The Legacy of the Siege of Leningrad provides an admirable balance between highlighting the uniqueness of the protagonist without losing sight of all-Soviet trends such as destalinization, the approval of non-Russian and local history since the 1950s, and the rehabilitation of veterans of war and revolution, among others.
The period before that (1953-1964), when Krushchev was in power, had been characterized by both destalinization and the revival of the communist project.
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Van Goudoever, The Limits of Destalinization in the Soviet Union: Political Rehabilitations in the Soviet Union since Stalin (New York: St.