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social process of neutralizing the influence of Joseph Stalin by revising his policies and removing monuments dedicated to him and renaming places named in his honor

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Though Lalmand's fate was exceptional, Khrushchev's attack on Stalin at the CPSU Twentieth Congress signalled the winding up of the cults internationally as part of a faltering process of destalinisation.
125) For an argument about the overall persistence, despite some modification, of enemy imagery during the 1960s, see Miriam Dobson, "Refashioning the Enemy: Popular Beliefs and the Rhetoric of Destalinisation, 1953-1964" (Ph.
Destalinisation du roman, (re)nationalisation de l'appartenance, multiperspectivisme, intertextualite.
Elle le touche dans son etre meme, et elle va le faire osciller pendant toutes les annees de la destalinisation entre les pratiques de la contrebande deja experimentees pendant l'Occupation, mais "adressees" cette fois aux honorables camarades du parti (changer le parti de l'interieur, s'y demarquer : c'est aujourd'hui encore ce qui sert de ligne de defense a tant de commentateurs soucieux qu'on rende justice a Aragon), et la douloureuse reconnaissance de l'ecroulement de son edifice communautaire.
Destalinisation offered an opening which Togliatti picked up on to some extent by publishing the interview in Nuovi Argomenti; by challenging Khrushchev and trying to go beyond the cult of personality to look for more structural and fundamental causes behind stalinism.
Au moment ou le contexte de la destalinisation impose de dementir une illusion collective,--le mythe de l'avenement, en U.
Klejan'ski is right to argue that the French communist leaders found in the Hungarian uprising a reason to justify their mistrust of destalinisation.