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remove stain from (a laboratory specimen) to enhance contrast

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The relative low cost of these dyes and their ready-made solutions, sensitivity in the 5-50 ng range and time-tested staining and destaining protocols have been fundamental to their wide acceptance.
After staining, the gel was washed twice in distilled water to remove excess of the stain then the gel was covered with 200-250 ml of destaining solution (45:45:10% Methanol: Acetic acid: Water).
Gels were stained with Coomassie Blue for 30 minutes, followed by 1 hour of destaining.
After destaining, the gel plug was air dried at 25[degrees]C until the plug appeared white and powdery.
Comments: Kemphos 2001 can be used as a component in cleaning compounds requiring destaining and bleaching properties, a source for materials which require both high buffered alkalinity and a stable active chlorine.
Polyacrylamide slab gel electrophoresis, a widely used alternative method, is not well-suited for automation and usually requires several manual steps including sample loading, gel staining and destaining, gel imaging and expert gel image analysis to yield separated protein sizes and concentrations.
Papanicolaou staining and destaining do not interfere with indirect IS-PCR for HPV DNA detection.
Also the company introduced the Investigator Gel Processor, an automated system for staining and destaining multiple electrophoresis gels.
Acid-alcohol destaining stock solution [B]: Prepare in one-gallon container.
Electrophoresis buffers, voltages, and coomassie brilliant blue staining and destaining were carried out according to instructions from the manufacturer.
Its versatility means that it's ideal for multi-user laboratories, particularly for micro and molecular biologists working with microbiological fermentations in warm rooms, multiple gel destaining and membrane processing.
Gel was stained with Coomassie blue dye for 2 h, followed by destaining in a solution containing 30% methanol and 10% acetic acid.
The bands were visualized by destaining the gel with 30% methanol and 10% glacial acetic acid.
Staining and destaining procedure was based on the pharmacia Phast Gel Developing Device.