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remove stain from (a laboratory specimen) to enhance contrast

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5% (m/v) and destained until pale bands under a deep blue background were observed [10,27].
D) Colonies stained with crystal violet were destained, and absorbance was measured on a plate reader at 584 nm; values represent the ratio of absorbance to the number of CFUs.
Later on gels were destained (Methanol:250ml glacial acetic acid: 50ml and distilled water200ml) photographed and relative flow (Rf) value for each polypeptide was calculated dividing distance travelled by polypeptide over total distance travelled by tracking dye (Bromophenol blue).
Gels were subsequently destained for 1-3 hours in 10% methanol 10% acetic acid (de staining solution changed every 30 minutes).
25% Coomassie brilliant blue R-250 stain (Amresco, USA) for 4 hours and then suitably destained for best visibility of the protein bands with several changes of destaining solution and stored in 7% glacial acetic acid solution for photography.
After staining the gels were destained until the clearance of blue background.
The gel was heated in the Amaranth staining solution at 70degC for 10 minutes or left overnight in the staining solution at room temperature, and was washed with the destaining solution by a gap of 15 minutes to produce clear red bands on the colorless gel while the other portion of the resolved gel was stained overnight with Coomassie brilliant blue R250 and destained by the normal procedure followed by lameli [14]; washed several times with the destaining solution for 24 hour.
The cleared and stained material of this specimen, prepared while it was still relatively fresh, retained its stain for at least one year, but by 2012 it was completely destained.
The plates were destained for approximately 10 min with an aqueous solution of 10% acetic acid and 2% dimethylsulfoxide.
05% aniline blue at 900C for about 10 minutes and subsequently the roots were destained at room temperature in acidic glycol.
After the gels were destained, students compared and contrasted the banding patterns on the gels.
Following electrophoresis, the gel was stained overnight with Coomassie Blue R-250 and then destained in the same solution.
Once your gel has been stained and destained you will be able to see how far the DNA molecules have migrated.
The gel plugs were destained and dehydrated by washing three times (for 10 min) with 25 mM N[H.