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remove stain from (a laboratory specimen) to enhance contrast

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5 g Ponceau-S in 1 % acetic acid) for 5 minutes and subsequently incubated with Ponceau destain (1 % acetic acid) until the bands were visible.
Its main economic importance is due causing damage to many kinds of organic materials (Brown & Smith), being the Paecilomyces variotti species, specially as a contaminant of foods and raw materials (Wheeler & Hocking, 1988), fruits in markets (Brown & Smith; Williamson, 1923), destain in wood of paper factoring (Brown & Smith; Rennerfelt 1937), cotton wire (Brown & Smith), spots in jute (Brown & Smith; Macmillan & Basu, 1947 and Basu, 1948a,b), leather boots army storage (Brown & Smith; Sopp, 1912) and bronzed spots in parchment (Brown & Smith), besides be found colonising media with arsenic contents (Thom & Raper, 1932).
As we purred down the Al Sufouh Road I asked the chauffeur how many miles he got to the gallon, a remark he treated with the destain it deserved in a region which has black gold pouring out of its ears.
In historically sensitive literary analyses of three writers' relationships with Rousseau, Christian Destain compares him skilfully with Chamfort (to somewhat reductive effect, in Rousseau's case); Philippe Koeppel's ingenious beyliste critique of Rousseau's contractualism proves Stendhal to be the more radical; Yves Chastagneret interprets George Sand's negative political image of Rousseau through Furet's perception (La Gauche et la Revolution) of the Revolutionary message's links with the gospels, which could not be actualized in a new religion of freedom because of the Revolutionary ideology's difficult philosophical foundations: Sand conceives of Rousseau as a source of what Furet calls revolutionary artificialism.