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Synonyms for destabilize

Synonyms for destabilize

become unstable


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make unstable

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Cost shifting will continue to destabilize health care delivery until the system changes.
We believe that unilateral and unlimited steps taken by certain states or groups of states to build up missile defense systems are harmful to international security and destabilize the situation in the world.
Incredibly, the CFR's Iran expert Nasr asserts that the Tehran regime actually should be considered a vital security ally who can help assure that Iraqi factions do not "spin out of control, destabilize southern Iraq, and erode government authority in Baghdad.
Thus, Morrison, in Paradise, destabilizes the exceptionalist paradigm at a very basic level.
Morrison further destabilizes the (African) American exceptionalist ideal by questioning the Oven's original meaning.
Informed by theories of the short story cycle--and aware of their crucial role in the interpretive process--students were able to move onto the course's next "collection," Sandra Cisneros's The House on Mango Street, and begin to consider the ways in which that work destabilizes standard notions of genre.
Braein also sabotages, destabilizes, and perverts the long-consecrated high-culture position of a male-dominated high-modernist style by inserting and inscribing fragments of repressed domestic life.
This situation destabilizes your Exchange environment and increases the likelihood of Exchange server failure and the resulting end user downtime--here we go again.