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Synonyms for destabilize

Synonyms for destabilize

become unstable


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make unstable

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The condition in Macedonia is dramatic and we need to understand that the country might become destabilized, citizens might protest on the street and that will cause a real chaos.
Minutes after consuming the food, health of a large number of labourers destabilized as many of them were fainted.
John of God Hospital (Linz, Austria) with dyspnea as a chief complaint were prospectively studied to compare head to head the diagnostic accuracies of BNP and NT-proBNP for acute destabilized HF in an emergency setting.
Median MR-proANP, BNP, and NT-proBNP plasma concentrations in patients with dyspnea caused by acute destabilized HF and patients with dyspnea attributable to other reasons were compared by the nonparametric Mann-Whitney U-test.
Of the 251 patients with dyspnea as a chief complaint, 137 patients were classified as having dyspnea attributable to acute destabilized HF, and 114 patients were classified as having dyspnea attributable to other reasons.
In distinguishing between patients with dyspnea caused by acute destabilized HF (n = 137) and patients with dyspnea attributable to other causes (n = 114), the AUCs were 0.
We calculated the univariate odds ratios for the detection of acute destabilized HF with MR-proANP, BNP, or NT-proBNP as independent variables dichotomized according to optimal cutoff concentrations.
The main finding of the present post hoc analysis is that MR-proANP measurements in plasma may be useful for ruling out acute destabilized HF in short-of-breath patients presenting to the emergency department.
As such, it is destabilized by the "transitional social reality" of the community's "cultural temporality"; that is, by the many contradictory changes that have occurred in its community since its foundation.
In fact, they say, the warming triggered by one large slide could have destabilized methane hydrates in other locations.
Some people wanted to destabilize Karachi so Pakistan could be destabilized, he said.
Through ocean observations, ice core data from Antarctica and laboratory expertiments, researchers hope to determine when this system may have served to regulate temperatures, and perhaps when it has destabilized temperatures, spurring the spread of ice over large sections of the earth.
The students said that government has destabilized the country while indulging itself in America war.
health care system is fragile, is in disequilibrium and is destabilized.
In this situation of poor ethnic relations, Macedonia is becoming a country that could be destabilized by children from the neighborhood.