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Synonyms for destabilize

Synonyms for destabilize

become unstable


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make unstable

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Terrorists are attempting to use this region as a springboard, are recruiting and training new militants, who may be used to destabilize other states," Putin said during a security session with the special services from the Commonwealth of Independent States.
Dr Rai said, it is the right time to expose India's ulterior designs to destabilize Pakistan in front of the world.
There have been several conspiracy theories when it comes to the US involvement with Daesh (ISIS) -- creating the militant group to overthrow Assad and destabilize the region.
Steps undertaken by some nations and blocs to develop missile defense mechanism destabilizes the conditions in the globe, leaders of the nations of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) said in an announcement after their summit in Dushanbe.
Prosecutors accuse Morsi and 35 others, mostly leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, of conspiring with foreign powers, the Palestinian militant movement Hamas and Shiite Iran to destabilize Egypt.
Communal forces and terrorists will still seek to destabilize the harmony of our people and the integrity of our state but they will never win.
The group said that if central banks continue to flood money into the global economy, then measures to get it under control could itself destabilize the financial system.
The source added that the Sudanese Intelligence Agency continually monitored links in the sabotage plot aimed to destabilize the country's security and stability, adding that "the specialized authorities began security measures and interrogation of civilian and military personnel implicated in the plot after arresting them.
I do not rule out possibility of interferences coming from regional countries which have certain agendas to destabilize the situation in Iraq in addition to participation of the Baath Party in these incidents," according to MP Othman.
These weapons were to be used in operations aimed at undermining the national security, to sow trouble, anarchy and destabilize Syria," the agency said.
Organized crime groups have grown in strength and they can destabilize the situation, provoke new ethnic clashes, President Roza Otunbaeva said at the meeting with local authorities and community members of Batken oblast on Monday.
23, 2011 (TAP) - Authorized sources report that there is a warrant out against the owner of private Hannibal TV channel and his son for "high treason'' and '' plot to destabilize national security.
Bahrain's News Agency (BNA) quoted a security sources, which it did not name, as saying the arrestees wanted to destabilize national security.
Ashkenazi Expects Tribunal Decision to Destabilize Lebanon
Singapore said Monday the escalating tension on the Korean Peninsula over the sinking of a South Korean warship could destabilize the whole of Asia and called for dialogue among the parties concerned.