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an event that causes a loss of equilibrium (as of a ship or aircraft)

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Therefore we have no right to give way, first of all, to the internal political destabilization, the squabbles that destroy the state", urged Arseniy Yatsenyuk.
Speaking in detail on the subject, he said that the political entity was both a result of a gradual process of destabilization of the region.
The latest developments in the country are also a consequence of the longstanding status quo in the integration process which leaves room for various attempts at destabilization and diverse types of speculation," reads the statement from President Ivanov's Office.
I just came back from a trip in the neighborhood, the risk that comes from activities on either side of Iraq is the destabilization of the states receiving the majority of refugees, in particular Lebanon and Jordan.
It will affect all sectors and will lead to economic destabilization," he said.
Velinovska comments that when some country, services, institutions that we pay comes out with an information that points out organized crime and espionage that could bring destabilization or ruining the constitutional system, every person with common sense holds on for a moment to hear or wait for an answer.
Arab League peace envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi that there is no alternative to the political-diplomatic solution in Syria, pointing out that "attempts at a military solution will lead only to the further destabilization of the situation in Syria and the region".
Providing additional weapons to Assad including air defense systems will only prolong the violence in Syria and incite regional destabilization," she added.
Washington - Failure to settle the Sahara issue continues to hamper anti-terrorism cooperation in North Africa, a region beset by destabilization threats of Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) network, said on Tuesday US terrorism expert, Daniel Benjamin.
Vahidi, commenting on the latest statement of the US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta to Wall Street Journal accusing Iran of "smuggling weapons and seeking destabilization of the region", said that those baseless accusations are mere "mocking reflection process .
The US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) said that if Ethiopia continues to tighten its control against the Muslims, the ongoing mass protests in the east African nation could turn more violent and might lead to a larger destabilization in the already volatile region.
BBC reported that the incident was described as a "villainous crime" designed to lead to the "long-term destabilization of the situation in Syria.
He said that every one was answerable in the eye of Law and should be taken in- task whosever responsible for destabilization of Pakistan's economy.
Because it is the first widely recognized global environmental crisis, and because its primary chemical driver, carbon-dioxide, is deeply rooted in the very DNA of the industrial political economy, climate destabilization prepares the way for crucial conversations that previously have been difficult or impossible to initiate.
Also, is Pakistan saying that if domestic destabilization occurs, it could opt to use nuclear weapons against India?