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  • verb

Synonyms for destabilise

become unstable


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make unstable

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Iran continues to arm and train extremists in Bahrain and we are committed to working with our allies and partners to confront this behaviour that destabilises stability.
According to the report, they were accused of 'delivering to a foreign country national defence secrets and providing the Iranian Revolutionary Guards with security reports to destabilise the security and stability of Egypt.
Asked if certain players are trying to destabilise the club, Megson said: "Yes, there are bound to be one or two who are not going to be happy.
In order to invest further in production, farmers need reassurance that retailers will not destabilise the market by slashing the cost of milk, the dairy industry argues.
We must be fully focused for 90 minutes because Portugal are a good team and they will try and do everything they can to destabilise us," said Gallas.
Gallas said: "We must be fully focused for 90 minutes because Portugal are a good team and they will try and do everything they can to destabilise us.
Radio 4's Today presenter John Humphrys accused Alastair Campbell of attempting to destabilise the BBC 'in a pretty tacky way'.
Sukkur -- Central Chief, Tehreek-e- Istaqlal (TI), Rehmat Khan Wardag has said that his party will not become part of any movement to destabilise the present political system in the country.
MANAMA: Despite a second statement issued last night by the US Embassy in Bahrain, our sister paper Akhbar Al Khaleej stood by its publication of a story highlighting American involvement in a plot to destabilise Bahrain and Egypt.
The military official said the agenda includes discussion on how to handle accusations which the two sides have traded over their roles in the alleged support, including providing a safe haven for rebels fighting to destabilise or wanting to depose existing governing party in power on both sides of the borders.
Our enemies prepared a plan to destabilise Pakistan but it would be foiled through coordinated efforts of agencies concerned and support of people," Malik asserted.
Rehman Malik said that we do not want to destabilise the government of Punjab.
They'll certainly destabilise you with this hardcore/dubstep/free-jazz/marching band/rock hybrid that'll crush every one of your senses with its vice-grip tentacles.
BOLTON manager Gary Megson has rounded on some of his players, accusing them of trying to destabilise the club.
Global Banking News-28 September 2009-Central bank governor says IMF action may destabilise Honduras(C)2009 ENPublishing - http://www.