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The Americans are still struggling to ease Arab concerns over the ending of sanctions against Iran, as malignant Iranian support for destabilisation in the region remains active.
In addition, in the upper part of the landslides was necessary to collect water from the rezervora that currently wet my hillside, and can in the future cause the destabilisation of slopes.
In the media, the destabilisation emanating from Syria is largely referenced in relation to heightened sectarian tension or geopolitical volatility.
One document shows a senior civil servant advising the incoming Labour Government to delay its promised devolution referendum in order to prevent the destabilisation of the UK economy.
The removal of the allied military would result in a bloodbath, and the consequent destabilisation of the entire region.
The terrorists dreamt up the scheme as part of a 'cultural destabilisation plan' - months before the 9/11 atrocities.
I would remind your readers that Cuba has suffered more than 40 years of destabilisation, vilification and even terrorism orchestrated by the CIA.
Vlasov said, danger of destabilisation may threaten several post-Soviet nations for different reason.
The bank said that the mere deregulation of the interest rate of savings bank accounts could lead to short-term destabilisation of the bank's interest rate structure.
Summary: Marrakech - The Polisario is currently one of the major factors of destabilisation and insecurity in Africa, director of the Paris-based research centre Observatory of geopolitical studies Charles Saint-Prot said here on Thursday.
Manila: Three bombs were found in suburban Quezon City over the last three days, raising fears of destabilisation a year before the elections, local papers said.
I will not allow any destabilisation in Russia, in the interests of the .
I am also extremely concerned that, far from fighting the ``war on terror'', conflict in Iraq will lead to destabilisation in the Middle East, and inflamed passions among militant extremists within Britain which could lead to potential atrocities far closer to home.
Russian President Vladimir Putin warned yesterday that war would bring "the toughest consequences, leading to victims and destabilisation of the international situation as a whole".
The intervention of Anglo American with support from some customers has raised the wider concern of industry destabilisation through the long-term creation of excess capacity.