dessert wine

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still sweet wine often served with dessert or after a meal

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A really zesty dessert wine evocative of pears drizzled with vanilla.
Champagne, sparkling wines and dessert wines from AOC Fine Wines of Greenwich (CT), Westchester (NY) and Manhattan (NY) shine in festive holiday meals and celebratory toasts.
To that end, Ray's Boathouse offers a dessert wine sampler that includes three to Four drinks in one-ounce pours, priced at $15 to $88.
But I tried this dessert wine with a lemon chessecake, and they went really well together.
It makes much more sense for the guest to get a nice Belgian saison (a dry summer ale), which works wonderfully with the shrimp, then have the bottle of wine with the lamb and then get something else; dessert wine or a dessert beer' like a framboise (a Belgian beer made with raspberries).
This cracking sparkly dessert wine has more layers of concentrated flavour than a knickerbocker glory.
Churchill Vintners, Birmingham's leading independent wine merchant, will this week present the winner with two halottles of Essensia, Orange Muscat from Quady, the foremost American winery specialising entirely in dessert wine.
Notes: Use a sweet, fruity wine such as Gewurztraminer, late-harvest Gewurztraminer, or Johannisberg Riesling, or a Muscat dessert wine such as Moscato di Canelli or Moscato d'Asti.
CO-OP 1992 Spatlese Pfalz, Germany, Dessert Wine pounds 4.
Desserts: Finale's signature Plated Desserts, dessert wine pairings, dessert martinis and other after-dinner specialties
There is something rather comforting about a dessert wine at the end of a meal, but these went out of vogue with spotted dick in the 1970s.
Possibly the most opulent, elegant dessert wine in the United States.
Gold went to Velvet White, Pink Catawba, Country White, 2006 Reserve Chardonel, 2006 Late Harvest Vignoles, 2005 Norton Dessert Wine and 2006 Chardonel Dessert Wine.
He feels free to expand his dessert wine pours, however; 39 now are offered.
Once sampled many families will agree that every Sunday should be a special day and a good Bordeaux dessert wine will complete the treat.