dessert wine

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still sweet wine often served with dessert or after a meal

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Rubis will be released as part of Aldi's expansion of ports, sherries and dessert wines.
This dessert wine oozes with intense cherry and berry fruit, the sweetness balanced by a mouthwatering finish.
I think many Filipinos appreciate the sweetness of dessert wine.
On my gravestone it will say "she loved dessert wine and drank everybody else's too".
Keep your Danish blue or gorgonzola for the dessert wine.
Snuggle up by the fire and sip delicious dessert wine with cheese, chocolate and pudding.
An outstanding way to do this is to skillfully present a dessert wine or other luscious alcoholic beverage after the main course.
Cyprus prides itself on its boozy heritage, with historians saying its sweet Commandaria dessert wine has been made on the island since at least 1,000 BC and is thought to be the oldest wine still in production.
Which Mediterranean island produces the dark sweet dessert wine called Marsala?
After their first 2000 limited-run bottles of pomegranate dessert wine received rave reviews in 2003, father and son Gaby and Avi Nachmias of the Rimon Winery decided to begin commercial production.
Some recipes call for Marsala, others recommend brandy or rum while others use sweet dessert wine.
The winery still cherishes its cranberry roots with three cranberry wines: Red Cranberry, White Cranberry, and a cranberry dessert wine called Cranberry Klondike.
Until, that is, you need to shut them down or get rid of them in mid-stream--to bring a dessert wine fermentation to a controlled stop, for example, or get the yeast dregs out of the neck of a sparkling wine bottle.
Pomegranate wines from the company include limited-production 500-milliliter dessert wine retailing for a suggested $38, a 750-milliliter dry wine for a suggested $42, and a 750-milliliter port-style wine for a suggested $44.