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a small plate on which dessert can be served

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Other big sellers |Included (clockwise from right) a Japanese bronze figure of an elephant attacked by tigers from the Meiji period, which sold for PS400; a reverse painting on glass of a shipping scene by 19th century Chinese artist Fatqua, which sold for PS2,200; an 18th century Chinese Famille Rose dessert plate, which sold for PS1,100; and a Chinese nephrite jade figure of a recumbent ram holding a lingzhi mushroom, which sold for PS700
To serve: On a dessert plate, peel off one side of the fig carpaccio and place unwrapped side down on plate; peel off remaining plastic wrap.
Spoon into the base of a loose bottom tin, or into the bottom of a "chef" mould on dessert plates.
To finish up a meal, you might find your dessert plate filled with variations on a theme, like four flavors of creme brulee, lollipops, warm chocolate chip cookies and salty or spicy desserts such as savory ice creams and sorbets--think celery gelato.
SET aside and leave to cool slightly, then slide a fish slice under each pudding and transfer to a dessert plate.
I didn't know until the President started moving the finger bowl and doily off my dessert plate for me that I was expected to do this.
50, large round platter PS15, salad servers PS8, dessert plate PS4, sandwich tray PS12, woven napkins set of four PS6, woven placemat PS4, all Butterfly by Matthew Williamson at Debenhams I OFTEN swear to myself when I'm away that when I get home I'm going to carry on the healthy eating that's so easy to do when the food is all offered up on a gleaming buffet, ready to eat.
The service is composed of a soup bowl, soup bowl plate, salad plate, dinner plate, dessert plate, cup and saucer, Valte added.
For $15, you design and create an 8-inch-square salad or dessert plate.
4 Monkey Suit An irresistible French monkey pops up on every piece of stoneware in Juliska's Petit Singe dinnerware, each as unique as the leaf dessert plate ($35).
An 1860s dessert plate from the Great Eastern shows a lady in a Britannia-like pose waving to the great ship in the distance, sails unfurled.
Described as Thai-style bananas Foster, the dessert plate offers bananas wrapped in spring roll-fashion with chocolate sauce and coconut ice cream.
Then slowly pour both sauces at the same time in the center of each dessert plate (surface tension keeps the sauces from blending); use a spoon to help spread the sauces.
Because brandy alexander pie involves no cooking, the researchers were hardly surprised to find that 75 percent of its alcohol ended up on the dessert plate.