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Synonyms for despond

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lose confidence or hope

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But while I was discovering this one last tie to bind me to life, in my extremity, in the depths of despond, walking in the valley of the shadow, my ears were deaf to John Barleycorn.
Do not let us despond, but wait at Rueil, for my conviction is that they are at Rueil.
The Pilgrim's Progress' we had in the house (it was as common a possession as a dresser-head), and so enamoured of it was I that I turned our garden into sloughs of Despond, with pea-sticks to represent Christian on his travels and a buffet-stool for his burden, but when I dragged my mother out to see my handiwork she was scared, and I felt for days, with a certain elation, that I had been a dark character.
Men and women danced in moccasins, and the place was soon a-roar, Burning Daylight the centre of it and the animating spark, with quip and jest and rough merriment rousing them out of the slough of despond in which he had found them.
Gonzalez IJ, Desponds C, Schaff C, Mottran JC, Fasel N.
I would be lucky if my writing pleased before it passed," Rose desponds.
The blanket is cheap, lightweight and multifunctional," said Georges Desponds, CEO of Destex.