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lose confidence or hope

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As if defeated in this childish attempt, he now sinks to the earth despondingly, beating his breast in well-acted despair; and then, starting to his feet all at once, and throwing back his head, raises both hands, like a school-boy about to catch a falling ball.
Mercy's eyes, resting eagerly on him while he was speaking, dropped again despondingly when he had done.
We shall never get through it," she said, despondingly.
country-dances being low, were utterly proscribed) and so gained an advantage over his rival, who sat despondingly in a corner and contemplated the glorious figure of the young lady as she moved through the mazy dance.
talked despondingly of Swinburne's last book and of the tone of literature as he did now from time to time, he said that it was monstrous that Swinburne should have written a sonnet in praise of Mdlle.