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with desperation


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The inspector shook his head despondently, however.
Behind this raw matter one of the reclaimed, the product of the new forces at work, strolled despondently, carrying a rifle by its middle.
I am sure I know none of them," she answered despondently.
Oh, I'll send, to be sure," said Vassily Fedorovitch despondently.
I was engaged just then in eating despondently a piece of stale Dutch cheese, being too much crushed to care what I swallowed myself, let along bothering my head about Falk's ideas of gastronomy.
Having so held and waved the candle as that all these heterogeneous objects seemed to come forward obediently when they were named, and then retire again, Mr Venus despondently repeats, 'Oh dear me, dear me
He was patient, and quiet; often sat brooding, but not despondently, for a long space; was easily amused, even by a sun-beam on the wall or ceiling; made no complaint that the days were long, or the nights tedious; and appeared indeed to have lost all count of time, and every sense of care or weariness.
On a balmy evening in Sharm el-Sheikh, Ali despondently surveyed his tiny, mirror-lined shop, its shelves neatly stacked with gold-painted plastic pyramids and dusty bottles of perfume.
I was so happy to see all my relatives at the wedding," said Reema, sitting next to her husband while looking despondently at the floor of her tent.
I flick through the pages of the various pattern books, looking despondently at DIY gym kit and hideous shorts.
We've got to reframe the conversation--rather than looking down despondently and itemizing all of the things that we can't do, let's talk about some of the things that we can do.
They're usually forced out of their cities, and displaced as refugees in the neighboring countries; however, these countries, including Bangladesh and Thailand, most of the times refuse to grant them entry, and so they continue wandering across the shores and ports despondently.
slowly 57 purposefully 9 briskly 8 carefully, cautiously, confidently, quickly, stiffly 4 hesitantly, nervously, steadily, tentatively, unsteadily 3 awkwardly, casually, determinedly, excitedly, gently, hurriedly, 2 sadly, uncertainly, warily apprehensively, calmly, despondently, dramatically, dreamily, 1 drunkenly furtively, gingerly, gleefully, happily, languidly, limply, nonchalantly, pensively, proudly, quietly, resolutely, shyly, smartly, softly, solemnly, suspiciously, swiftly, thoughtfully, unhurriedly, wearily Table 3: Frequencies of word forms ending -ed that follow the word form "looks.
43) But unlike Ajax's body, which fails to substantiate the discursive identity Sula ascribes to it--as Sula despondently realizes, she "didn't even know [Ajax's] name" (44)--her own body, which "rocked there, swayed there, like a Georgia pine on its knees," succeeds in substantiating her self-conception, as she works her way, layer by layer, to the "high silence of orgasm.
This time round the end of the game was a far more sombre affair, with Villa's boy wonder and his pals staring despondently as Arsenal skipper Per Mertesacker hoisted aloft the famous old trophy.