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Synonyms for despondent

Synonyms for despondent

having lost all hope

Synonyms for despondent

without or almost without hope


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For a minute he was still, and with the same despondent face gazed at the baby; but all at once a smile, that moved his hair and the skin of his forehead, came out on his face, and he went as softly out of the room.
There are always on board ship, a Sanguine One, and a Despondent One.
In his light protestations of admiration of my future husband, in his enthusiasm regarding our engagement and our prospects, in his hopeful congratulations on our future wealth and his despondent references to his own poverty--all equally hollow, and jesting, and full of mockery--I saw it clearly.
But before the Prince had time to feel despondent the black girl beckoned to him in the distance from behind a rock, where she had hidden herself for fear her mother should catch sight of her.
She had put the idea into my head and now (so little are women to be counted on) she appeared to take a despondent view of it.
The children, feeling sad and despondent, were about to follow him when the Wizard touched Dorothy softly on her shoulder.
Sometimes he was peevish and hard to please, sometimes he growled because his reader could not manage the dry books he wished to hear, and sometimes he was so despondent that her heart ached to see him.
While the despondent, fed up of the corruption and looting of the private agents, have registered complaints with the Motor Registration Authority (MRA) and Region C director multiple times, no actions were taken.
The club seems to have lost its heart and soul and I've never heard fans sound so despondent about the future.
England fans shouldn't be too despondent either, so your sports headline 'Second rate' (June 21) was somewhat unfair as they are the only unbeaten team in their group.
Porteous added: "Whatever happens on the course they don't get excited or despondent.
The dressing room is very despondent and I don't know why the man above sends down these messages to us.
Washington, Feb 3 ( ANI ): Demi Moore has reportedly become despondent over the path her acting career has taken in the last 18 months.
The Norwich boss said: "We are disappointed not to win, but we are not too despondent because it was a big effort, with our first home game, I thought we played really well.
I am not the slightest bit despondent and feel very confident that we can turn things around tomorrow," she said.