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Synonyms for despoiler

someone who takes spoils or plunder (as in war)

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In medieval texts, Heaven's Despoiler also got written as Heaven's Slanderer, associated with witches and sorcerers.
Once known, however, the utmost excitement arose, and vengeance was freely uttered against the despoiler.
There is a view of America as an exceptionally guilty nation, the product of a poisonous mixture of territorial rapacity emboldened by racism, violence, and chauvinistic religious conviction, an exploiter of natural resources and despoiler of natural beauty and order such as the planet has never seen.
PL Water is there in my poems, lots of it, either as the despoiler of days in the form of cold rain or the essential liquid, the greatest of all gifts nature gives or one person can give another.
You have probably heard plenty about our obligation to steward the riches and resources of creation so that humankind acts as a sustainer and preserver of creation, not as its ruthless despoiler.
The money of all the Russian oligarchs, Arab sheikhs and American financiers in the world would not convince Abaddon the Despoiler to leave the Black Legion and sign on as an Imperial Fist.
It might be laughable--indeed, it sometimes is--when the Iyer of this memoir (bookish and almost infested with goodwill) entertains a view of himself as a postcolonial despoiler, plundering the hopes and trust of the less fortunate of Cuba, Burma, or Colombia.
Technology as the amoral conqueror of Nature and despoiler of Creation, as the essence of "a society which holds that the control of nature by technology is the chief purpose of human existence and so from that belief a community is built where all else is subordinated to that purpose .
The steep alpine hillsides of Patterson's 'Man' are now described by the discourse of 'national park' and 'wilderness', and the sounds of man and nature in partnership have been silenced and replaced by a belief system of man as visitor and intruder and despoiler.
However, the prospect of having that ex-Liberal Democrat MP and despoiler of Transylvanian pop princesses beamed into my living room on I'm A Celebrity.
it is reported that, in areas with high concentrations of tourist activities and appealing natural attractions, solid waste disposal is a serious problem and improper disposal can be a major despoiler of the natural environment-rivers, scenic areas, and roadsides.
Perhaps the first great despoiler of Jesus was Paul, whose own intellect couldn't help but get in the way of his missionary zeal.
the brother realizing that the sister's virginity must be destroyed in order to have existed at all, taking that virginity in the person of the brother-in-law, the man whom he would be if he could become, metamorphose into, the lover, the husband; by whom he would be despoiled, choose for despoiler, if he could become, metamorphose into the sister, the mistress, the bride.
Hrun is "a fighter of dragons, a despoiler of temples, a hired sword" (CoM 94).
To say nothing of James Watt, despoiler of the environment and insulter of nearly everybody, including explicitly the Jews in both ethnic and political references.