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having been robbed and destroyed by force and violence

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tearing the parchment which Mazarin had not yet ventured to clutch; "yes, I annihilate this deed, which despoiled a whole family.
Then they vowed that even as they themselves had been despoiled they would despoil their oppressors, whether baron, abbot, knight, or squire, and that from each they would take that which had been wrung from the poor by unjust taxes, or land rents, or in wrongful fines.
I WAS brought up in a locality where the natural environment has been despoiled by industrialisation to an extent rarely, if ever, equalled elsewhere in the United Kingdom.
The topics include the desire to keep saying yes, a certain capaciousness and "the routine things around the house," the despoiled and radiant now, a manifesto of the spiritual and the sacred, the poet's women and the ordinary mysteries, leaving everything behind in "The Affair," double-teaming, Mount Holyoke 1992, the revision process, scattered notes on a coherent poet, and the quarrel.
With wind turbines viewed by many as having despoiled parts of Northumberland already, there will be concern for the beauty and peace of its famed coastline.
The report of the interdepartmental commission reads the mine reserves are merely despoiled by unprincipled developers of the mine with no action from the State Commission for Mineral Resources and the State Geology Agency," the statement says.
Linthorpe Road, Albert Road and Newport Road all despoiled by planners.
The Speaker explained that it is the "colonial system which assumes "historical responsibility towards the colonized peoples as it despoiled and destroyed their social and cultural fabric.
The PCOT Secretary General also stressed the need to fundamentally revise the tax system, to impose a wealth tax, to suspend for three years the payment of the debt and to speed up the recovery of the despoiled assets abroad.
Injustice not only in the form of wrecked lives and despoiled earth, but also in the lies and cover-ups that needlessly worsened the risk.
Summary: Rabat - The polisario despoiled Sahrawis of their right and proclaimed itself as their representative by taking the intense propaganda led by the Algerian diplomacy over the past three decades as a basis , said Lahcen Mahraoui, member of the Royal Advisory Council for Saharan Affairs (CORCAS) and spokesperson of the Moroccan Sahrawi Tribes in Europe Association.
In my opinion the developers only interest is to make a quick profit and leave the local community with despoiled green fields and an eyesore industrial estate.
It is an abomination that the memorial to recognise the sacrifices they made for future generations should have been despoiled in such a disgusting manner.
At the same time, they stole and despoiled the estates of local religions.
Since the report was released, CLF has worked to protect vulnerable natural resources like the Jay Branch stream--a tributary of Lake Champlain already despoiled by pollution.