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the act of stripping and taking by force

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We began our action with forced, non-consensual penetration and despoilation of that country.
The Despoilation of St Laurence (London National Gallery) presents malevolence towards the early Christian Church in all its pristine meekness and love of peace.
It is this awareness--of, as Harold Fromm writes, "our roots in the earth" (39)--that literary works such as Muir's and Didion's help generate, a necessary step, I believe, before the class moves on to more politically-charged, topical texts that prominently feature the despoilation of the natural world.
Semmens adds to these textures with her discussion on environmental refugees, those physically displaced through poverty occasioned by environmental despoilation, and equally vagrant as illegitimate economic adventurers in conventional geopolitical discourses on refugeehood.
fulfillment of its promise to return Indian property, the systematic despoilation of the Creek Nation commenced.
The country suffers from poverty, illiteracy, disease, crime and environmental despoilation.
In these days of social concern and environment awareness, it isn't just bearded lentil-eaters who want an assurance that when it comes to investing their money they are not indirectly contributing to exploitation of workers or despoilation of the landscape.
Angry of Tunbridge Wells went apoplectic over the despoilation of rural England by cavalry columns of ton-up boys.
In retrospect, the systematic despoilation of East Timor seems to have served little purpose, neither advancing the political careers of key military leaders nor enhancing Indonesia's reputation in the world.
Maintaining his focus on the definition of the human being and the role of the human in sustaining creation, Scharper attempts to weave together the themes brought out by the process theologians and new cosmologists (we are all in this together) with those highlighted by ecofeminists and liberation theologians (we are divided by injustice and the despoilation of the earth).
60) Public intervention can prevent private despoilation of built environmental resources that otherwise would be wasted, leaving us with urban centers that have no spirit.
The contemporary emphasis on exports in order to service the international debt of the Latin American countries, the neoliberal efforts to deregulate the economy in these countries and the reduction of government expenditures on programs such as reforestation have contributed to the already well-established pattern of environmental despoilation characteristic of capitalist agriculture, mining, and manufacturing in Latin America.
Even the occasional expressions of outrage, as against the despoilation of the company by the Capital Issues Committee in Nigeria, were swallowed for fear of something even worse.
Its loss or despoilation can result in a diminished sense of self, and, as the following Aborigine suggests, the possibility of damnation of their entire culture:
With entire species disappearing as a result of man's continued despoilation of the planet, this may be among the last records of one of nature's mysterious treasure troves.