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Synonyms for despising

a feeling of scornful hatred


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You shall see now what you are despising, what you are warring against.
For soldiers, I find the generals commonly in their hortatives, put men in mind of their wives and children; and I think the despising of marriage amongst the Turks, maketh the vulgar soldier more base.
Cecil had been hesitating whether he should despise the villas or despise Sir Harry for despising them.
Heaven, why did you give me a handle for despising you more by informing me of your descent
No, it was worse a thousand times if, judging Beaufort, and probably despising him, she was yet drawn to him by all that gave him an advantage over the other men about her: his habit of two continents and two societies, his familiar association with artists and actors and people generally in the world's eye, and his careless contempt for local prejudices.
What we should have done without him, I am afraid to think, for all the company despising the bride and bridegroom and old Mr.
The rich also even in democracies, despising the disorder and anarchy which will arise, hope to better themselves by the same means which happened at Thebes after the battle of Oenophyta, where, in consequence of bad administration, the democracy was destroyed; as it was at Megara, where the power of the people was lost through anarchy and disorder; the same thing happened at Syracuse before the tyranny of Gelon; and at Rhodes there was the same sedition before the popular government was overthrown.
de Bragelonne said of you, at Antibes, when he already meditated death: 'If pride and coquetry have misled her, I pardon her while despising her.
That is all the stronger reason for despising such an opposition," said Dorothea, looking at the affairs of Middlemarch by the light of the great persecutions.
How romantic," Maimie exclaimed, but it was another unknown word, and he hung his head thinking she was despising him.
The more beautiful the flower is, the more does one offend God in despising it.
Suspicious of the big exploiters, despising the fools of the exploited herd, he had faith only in himself.
Seven and sixpence," Emily remarked, looking at her own night-gown and despising it.
Despising others, it was in the logical order of things that I should follow my conclusions to their bitter end, and consistently despise myself.
What was the secret of her despising him, and pitying me?